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Falling and Rising – Intercession

Luke 2:34



Lord, God we are gathered in the name of your Son – who had always been destined to cause the falling and rising of his people.  To speak truth to power, in such a way as to invite persecution, to be a sign that would be spoken against.


As we think of fragile Jesus in the Temple, we think of the future he would face – and to which he invites each of us.


As many this weekend have felt their world crumbling, be it in the US Senate or in a Britain outside the European Union.  Grant us the courage to fall, to see our false utopias collapse around us, to see our fantasies crumble to dust, to face up to hope shattered.  


When our misplaced securities fail us, when we fail others, when our relationships fail, or when death takes its toll.  Help us to face head on, our shattered hopes.


When all we have worked for turns to naught, when our projects fail, when our optimism is pulled from beneath our feet – help us to see the fragments of shattered hope for what they are.


Lord Jesus, destined to cause the falling and rising of many.  May we worship you so as to find you in the carnage.  In the wreckage of our own misadventures, in the rubble of our crumbled dreams  - we find you, God with us.  


Lord Jesus, whatever we build up from ground zero – may you be our foundation.


May our capacity to listen to those who are unheard, be based on our ability to listen to you.


May our voice give a voice to suffering.


May the work of our hands, be guided by your hand.


Lord Jesus of falling, and of rising,


May we rise with you – within the world as it really as, as the people you call us to be, in the time that you have entrusted to us.