Graduation Services



Let us pray

Lord, today we thank you for our college.  


For its founder, Sir David Robinson, and all who committed themselves to establishing Robinson College.


For its benefactors and all who through their generosity and on-going commitment enable to college to flourish.


For the staff who have created and maintained an environment where we have worked and learned and grown.


For the fellows and teaching officers who have educated us, and hasselled us, and supported us, and given themselves to us.


For friends we have made here, and the role they will play in our future.


For all who have helped us to become more fully ourselves.





Loving God,


We thank you for time you have given us, at this university and this college, and pray that we has been taught and learned and nurtured here would benefit the world at large.


In a world beset with ecological challenges, may skills that have been honed here, find their purpose in bringing technological advance,  innovation and insight.


In a world facing economic challenges, may gifts that have been recognized and developed here find their fulfillment in bringing justice, enlightenment and hope.


In a world that challenges who we are and what we treasure, may friendships that have been forged here ripple through our world and our future, fostering openness, fairness, and joy.  


By your grace, may the benefits that we have received in this place, benefit the world beyond.



MA Graduation Thanksgiving Prayers


Loving God, we thank you for all that we celebrate today,

Memories that shape us, make us smile or laugh, or cringe or weep – but that make us who we are.


We thank you for those whose friendship has been formative but whose company we miss.


We thank you for those who have taught us and inspired us and cared for us – those whose influence upon us and commitment to us, we have only come to appreciate after the passing of time.


Opportunities that have opened up and will open up in the future, because of the place where we have studied, the people from whom we have learned, the work we have invested and the work others have invested in us.

For all your blessings, we thank you, Lord.