May Day


As warmth returns to the sky and colour to the land, we thank you for the world you have created.


We thank you for the beauty of golden sunrise, budding leaf and good harvest.

But we lament  the barren field, the depleted forest, the malnourished child.

We thank you for the beauty of friends, of good relationships, of opportunities for care.


But we lament the damage we have caused to others, the suffering our lifestyles inflict upon those we will never meet, those who have failed because we have succeeded.


We thank you for the opportunities each day brings, for the breath in our lungs and the pulse in our hearts.


But we lament over the time we waste, the people who have little in the way of opportunity, and we pray for those we know, who do not enjoy good health,


God of season, of day, or hour, help each of us to be good stewards of the time, the friends, and the family you have entrusted to our care.  Fill us afresh with the Holy Spirit, so that colour and warmth and life flow into our world through the little colonies of heaven you call your church.