Mk 1:23-39

Lord, in our busy world, where we rush through our days and hurry through our lives, teach us how to stop.


Lord, we fear stopping, facing who we are, when we are afraid to look in the mirror and be confronted by who we are, teach us how to stop.


For those who have heard nothing but small arms fire, airstrikes, missles; for those who have heard the terrible noise of war, in Libya, in Israel, in Palestine, in place we hear little of, Lord - may the guns stop.


Lord, in the noise of the media, in their attempts and ours, to divert blame and guilt away from ourselves and onto others, whether those others are hoodies or looters, or bankers or politicians, or Moslems or Anglicans or Baptists - Lord, when we seek to divert blame away from ourselves and onto others, show us how to stop and learn who we are in relation to you.


Lord, in our rush to justify ourselves, advance ourselves, promote ourselves, show us how to stop, to look in the mirror, to see who we are.


Lord of the Sabbath, show us anew what it means to stop.


Move us again as a church, to be reoriented within your purposes, to be genuinely confronted with who you really are, and who we really are in relation to you.


And so, by your grace, make us ambassadors for Christ, heralds of the Gospel, and mediators of the love of Christ, in this place