Mothering Sunday

Creator God, we worship you as one who loves us with a mother’s love, and comforts us as a mother comforts her child.

In Christ we see you as the vulnerable child of a teenage mother: loved and treasured, nurtured and protected, fed and clothed.


And so we thank you for the calling of motherhood, and pray that you would encourage all mothers as they live out their calling. We thank you for the memories they create in our hearts and the selfless devotion they offer. We thank you also for the commitment they show, the compassion they feel and the comfort they bring.


Today we pray for those countless mothers in our world who cannot care for their family as they would wish. For those who feel defeated in the call to motherhood. We think of those who have been unable to provide their children with food, and watch helplessly as poverty and malnutrition take their toll.


We think of those who have been unable to protect their children from the ravages of violence and war.


We think of those who have failed to provide a stable home, and must take to the road to live as refugees for the sake of their children’s safety.


Lord we praise you for the unspeakable love that so often flows from mothers even in these darkest of situations, because it points us to the love you show to us.


Move us we pray, to appreciate and support the mothers who live in our home or town, as well as to appreciate and support those who struggle in dangerous, poverty stricken and hungry places. Move us to action, that we might truly be committed to seeing your heavenly love ever-shining through the faces of all you have appointed to represent you as mothers.