Nativity Scene

Lord we pray for the world in which we live, and which God loves so

much he sent his only son:


When in our governments, in our church, in our lives – we become so

obsessed with power that we mistreat other people, Help us to see you,

the king of heaven, as the fragile infant in a feeding trough.


When the poor and powerless people of our nation and our world, are

ignored or exploited, Help us to see the mere shepherds who are

invited to witness a royal birth.


When so-called experts in finance, in politics, in business, offer

solutions to fix our world, but only seem to make things worse – Help

us to see the wise men bow before a vulnerable child.


When we fear the melting ice sheets, the changing environment, the

chaos in our climate – help us to see the creatures, looking to Jesus

as their hope.


When we feel powerless, helpless to change the world, unable to bring

fairness, frustrated because we are too little to make a difference,

Help us to see see the angels of heaven celebrating the fragile child

in a peasant’s dwelling.


As we celebrate Christmas – reach into our world, our church, our

lives in new ways, and by your grace, help each of us to be humble

enough, small enough, powerless enough, vulnerable enough, to become

your gift to others.