New Year

As we enter this new year, we bring before you our hopes and dreams, our aims and objectives, the best of our intentions and the worthiest of our ambitions. We bring before you all that we hope to make out of this year, and submit it all to your life-changing grace.


When our priorities submerge us in pointless tasks,

When our ambitions fail us or overtake us,

When our hopes seek the fulfilment of none but ourselves,

When our hearts deceive us to think that we are right when we are not

Open our eyes to who you really are.


Open our eyes that we might see the future you have already planned for us.

Grant us:

the courage to seek your kingdom;

the energy to labour where labour is needed;

the wisdom to see when it is not;

the grace to be quiet when we need to listen,

the humility to receive from others,

the compassion to hear and see and love those who nobody wants to hear and see and love.

By your loving-kindness, make us the body of Christ, thriving by the indwelling of your Spirit, bringing glory to the Father.