Lord as we prepare for the coming of the Olympics, we remember before you all that we celebrate, all that we regret, and all that we must challenge.


We thank you for the way in which nations come together, in which diversity is celebrated, for the ways in which we celebrate not only our national pride, but for the gift of our common humanity.  


We thank you that hard work is celebrated, that discipline is seen as a virtue, and that the watching crowds are not only spectators but supporters.  


We regret the darker side of the Olympics.  Where cities, including our own, have been less than honest and less than fair, in the way they have treated rough sleepers, in the way they have sold contracts to companies, in the way they have privileged the powerful and marginalised the weak.


In the city whose love of gold has wrought disaster upon millions, teach us again the true meaning of failure and success.  


As your church in every age struggles to embody a discipline, diversity and a humanness that reflects your divine character – we ask again to learn who we are in relation to one another and to you.  Between individuals, between nations, may your love be made known.  

May our support for others: friends and neighbours, enemies and strangers, be driven by your self-giving love for us.


As we watch the games, remind us again of the privilege of the time you have entrusted to each of, and help us to live in the knowledge that we are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses, to the glory of your name.