Our Father

Our Father in Heaven


Our Father, who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name


Loving God, we keep calling you that, but there is a lot in our world which seems to suggest otherwise.  In our own lives, in the world under our nose, in the darkest corners of our planet’s injustice, it seems ridiculous to pray to a an all powerful God, who is also a God of justice.  There is much in our world that questions either your power or your goodness.  In every place of darkness, it seems that your name is dragged through the dirt.  And so we pray,


Our Father who art in heaven …



And yet we have seen and felt and heard you at work, active, in the very places where you seem to be absent.  Active in the lives of those who seem to suffer most; bringing freedom and liberty to those whose lives seem hopeless.  We have seen your Gospel bring liberty in all its fullness.  And in the quiet we remember those situations in our lives, and in our world, where we have seen you at work, and are able to praise your name.


Our Father, who art in heaven…


We praise you as the God who has not wound the world up and left it to tick, but who is active here and now.  So we pray for the discernment to see the places where you are at work, and for the courage to find you in those places.  Forgive us for separating people from issues, but may we see your face in both.  Forgive us when we allow some righteous cause to justify loveless action,  forgive us for allowing programmes to eclipse relationships.


Our Father, who art in heaven…


(we pray for the church in all places, that by our relationships with one another, your name will be made holy)

(we pray for our friends, and those dear to us…)


Make us members of your body, and may your body here on earth be Christ-centred in our worship, and life changing in our ministry.  In your loving grace, sanctify the church that goes by your name, make us ever more the body of Christ, ever more faithfully engaged in the mission of Christ, whose people are characterised by the pray he taught us, and which we now pray in full.