Parable of the Sower


Lord, it seems that throughout the whole history of the Christian church, the church has tried to announce good news for the poor and freedom for prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, trying to proclaim the Lord's favour.


But after two thousand years, there is still no harvest.  Children still starve, wars are still fought, power still corrupts, injustice still reigns.


And we want a harvest, we want to see progress, success, achievement, but we still wait for the harvest.


We long for justice, just as the people did for a thousand years.  We want you to call time on suffering.


But Lord, free us from inauthentic solutions... Free us from seeing you as the wizard who waves a wand to fix problems.


Show us how to be involved in what you are doing in the world.  To discern you at work in the world.


Lord, we see children dying of preventable disease, free us from indifference and despair, open our eyes again to the calling you offer to us here and now, even as we cry for justice.


When we see wealthy and powerful people, seeing trade laws, making financial decisions to protect the powerful at the expense of the poor, save from indifference and save us from despair.  to hear your voice and your command, as it comes to us, in the world, here and now.


When we feel, within the church, that things could be so much better, that we have not achieved our potential, when our lives contribute to the injustice of the world even as we ask for justice, open us again to your word, as it comes to us, in the world, here and now.


Sow your seed in our lives, in our church, in our world, and by your grace, open our eyes to the harvest you reap here and now, the secret growth of the seed, here and now, the evidence and the beauty and the freedom, of your kingdom coming, here and now.