Lord as we watch paralympians compete against one another, we marvel again at the wonders of the human body and the human spirit.  We see people whose courage and determination have overcome social prejudice, physical limitation and mental discouragement.  


We thank you for the stories of daily life that underlies every great achievement and every medal won.


Show us, Lord, what it means for us to be courageous in our daily lives.  

Show us what it means to be determined as we struggle with the adversities that face each of us.

Show us how to understand any social struggles we may face, within their proper context.


Lord, in a world where we are so often inspired by the trivial, and our heroes are so often mediocre, we thank you that as we watch the Paralympics we see something of what it means to be truly and fully human.  


If our human life is a gift that comes to us, if humans are made in your image – show us again who we are, who you are, and where we are in relation to you.