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Passion Sunday


As you take up your cross, give us courage to follow. In the loneliest times, beneath the darkest shadows, through the most terrifying of circumstances, you have gone before us.


Show us what it means to carry our cross, to live a life of sacrifice:


An act of selflessness beckons us, but we shun it because it is too hard. Give us your readiness to act.

A desire to give to others something of ourselves seems like the right thing to do, but we haven’t the stomach for it. Give us your passion to serve.

A letter is waiting be written, but we would rather watch television. Give us your loving care.

A difficult conversation awaits us, but we know we must face it. Give us your courage.

An offence has wounded us deeply, and made us bitter. Give your grace to forgive.

A particular sin has gripped us, but we dare not talk to anyone about it. Give us your resolve.

A change in our habits we think is important, but we put it off until tomorrow. Give us your will.


Give us the courage to take up our cross and follow you, to live a life of self-less love, that the world might know that we are your disciples. May the oppression and injustice, the violence and the greed, that crushes so many in this world, be defeated today by the cross of Christ. Give us the strength to carry that cross.