Pentecost 2

Spirit of God, unseen but ever active, we praise you for the fruit of your work that we see all around us.  From the buds on trees, to the characters changed through the course of time, we see your hand at work.  In all we take for granted, in all that fills us with joy, at every meeting of human hearts, we see your hand at work.


Continue your work in our lives, we pray, that your flame may blaze every more brightly within us.

Soften our hearts, help us to listen fully to others, whether they are friends, enemies, words of people we will never meet, stories of people who need our help.  Fan the flame of your spirit within us.


Reawaken our desire for service, inspire us to work for justice.  In the family, in the nation, across the world.  Whether the injustice is a child learning how to play, or a child who will not eat today – make your spirit blaze in our lives and in our church to establish fairness and justice in this world.  


Open our beings to true communication.  Amongst those closest to us, on whom we depend and who depend upon us.  Between brothers and sisters in Christ, between colleagues at work and friends at play.  Between a wealthy nation and a broken world.  Dwell in the midst of our relationships, so that your fruits blossom into being before our eyes.


Loving, Holy Spirit.  Burn within us, make us Holy, strengthen our faith, deepen our love.