God of justice and mercy, have mercy on our world, on the victims of injustice and on the agents of injustice.


In the mess and injustice of our world, with people who are poor, victims of violence and greed, with those whose lives are hunger and thirst and fear – bring us into their presence and  bring them into yours.


In governments who frame laws and shape the fates of millions, who tackle injustice and at times, who endorse injustice, bring us into their presence, and them into yours.


In our friendships, show us what it means to be truly present.  To listen well, to have the courage to be uncomfortable in one another’s presence, bring us into your presence.


In your church, in its righteousness and its failure, give us the courage to be present, truly present, with you – so that the distinctions, the differences, the contradictions between our lives and our worship may disappear, to the glory of your name.