Prisons Sunday


Prisons Sunday (3rd Sunday of November)


God of justice, God of mercy


We pray for those in prisons in our country, especially for those who feel the pain of fear,

disgrace or hopelessness. We pray that they may encounter you as the God of love, of grace and of hope.


We pray for those wrongly imprisoned by injustice, especially for those who endure torment and fear, who suffer beyond the reach of our news headlines, beyond our knowledge and beyond our care. May they encounter you as the God who has suffered unjustly, the God of profound empathy and compassion. With them, we cry to you for justice.


We pray for those angrily imprisoned by bitterness, hatred or distrust for others. Save them from the coffin of their own loathing. May they encounter you as the one who floods our lives with grace, loving-kindness and forgiveness for others.


We pray for those who are unwittingly imprisoned by greed, selfishness and materialism.

May they encounter you as the God of the outcast, the downtrodden, the marginalized.

Reveal to them the true meaning of the cross, that they may encounter the joy of your

resurrection life.


We pray to you, our crucified God and our Redeemer

For those who are imprisoned, bring freedom

For those who are without hope, bring salvation

For those who are bound, bring liberation.

For the sake of your Holy name.