Prodigal Son Intercession

Parable of the Prodigal Son


God of Creation and God of New Creation.  We long for you to breathe life into people whose experience, whose predicaments, whose circumstances can be described only in the language of death.


To breathe hope into situations of despair.  Where a relationship has ended; where death has torn us from a loved one; where their absence continues to leave a gaping hole – speak hope into despair.


We long for you to breathe freedom into situations of entrapment.  In the hands of profit-hungry people-traffickers, aboard overcrowded boats on dangers seas, in refugee camps and in squalid conditions, speak hope freedom into oppression.


We long for you to breathe true power into situations of radical vulnerability.  That isolation, and loneliness would not distance us from you.  That our ignorance might not distance us from your word, and that our arrogance might not deafen us to your voice.


As we turn to you, breathe new life into us.  By your grace may we find power in vulnerability, strength in openness, Make us bold enough to listen well, to our neighbours, to our world and to you.


Breathe life into your people, that they may become the open arms of a loving Father – to the glory of Your name.