Psalm 33

“The Word of the Lord is right and true.  He is faithful in all he does.”


Faithful God, ever-living, ever-loving.


We bring before you the needs of the world, trusting in your faithfulness to us, despite our lack of faith in you.


For those who will have no food today, who cannot feed their families or themselves, we long for you to act.


For those without hope, whose daily grind leaves them without happiness or any thought beyond survival, we long for you to at.


For those torn apart by broken relationships or grief, who have lost people they had once treasured, we long for you to act.


For governments who lack any genuine concern for those most in need, we long for you to act.


For your church, in all its mix of hope and frustration, faith and faithfulness, sacrifice and apathy, fill us again with hope, and keep us faithful to you.