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Refugee Intercession

(World Refugee Sunday: Jun 17-24)


God of Exodus and Exile, we worship you as the God of displaced and oppressed peoples.  We worship you as the one who lived as a refugee, in radical insecurity, as the God of heaven who – in Christ – had nowhere to lay his head.


Grant that our sense of the world might stretch beyond the institutionalised fantasy worldviews we have come to treasure.  May our knowledge of the world reach beyond the limits of where media points us – that we might see a world where living in a steel container is luxury, where risking your life to find refuge in another country is the best option, where suicide feels like a reasonable response to personal disaster.


Give us the courage to see the world as it is – and to have a realistic sense of our own agency and power and responsibilities in that world:


Forgive us for seeing only the immediate crisis and not the Social totality. Open our eyes to the wider context that creates refugees, and of our complicity with forces that create refugees.


Forgive us for judging whether another human being deserves to be one of us, according only to their merits or their failures. Instead help us to see clearly sheer value of their shared humanity.


Forgive us for measuring others only by their economic status, their financial value, or their value to us.  Help us to be a people who recognise the intrinsic value of everyone made in your image.


Forgive us for reducing human beings to numbers, demoting others from homo-sapiens, to homo-economicus, for dehumanising others


You are the God whose being finds expression above all in the lives those of refugee status – so help us to ditch our liturgical fantasies and worship you as you really are.

To the glory of your name.