Refugee Prayer


In July 2009 the Conference of European Churches declared in Lyon: "As churches in Europe we commit ourselves: to remember those who have died on their journey to find a dignified life in Europe, through an annual day of prayer." Churches and human rights groups in several European countries will commemorate together on the same day, 26 June 2011, the lethal consequences of the sealing off of the external borders of the EU



Father God,

We worship you as one whose own son was a refugee;

We worship you as the God whose people fled slavery in Egypt,

We worship you as the God whose people were dragged into captivity in Babylon.


And we pray for those today who have fled their homes and their loved ones.

Through hardship...

Through disaster...

Through persecution...

Through war...


Lord, for those whose hearts are as broken as their homes; whose hope has all gone; who find themselves unwelcome wherever they seek help - show compassion.

Show it through us.

Show us what real hospitality looks like when it is a gift.

Teach us how to welcome the stranger in our personal lives and our politics.

Let the glory of your love break through your church and into the structures that govern our society.