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Remembrance 2

Lord God of hosts, we worship you as the God in whose name countless armies have marched and endless battles are fought.  And in our world of growing violence and unrest, we pray for peace.


We lament that each new generation must learn the art of peace for itself, only after it has suffered the ravages of war.  And we want to remember well.


We lament the deaths of those who have fought in wars, at the end of which we see so little lasting peace.  And we want to remember them.


We lament the victims of war who no one misses:  for those whose lives are only known to us as statistics.  And we want to remember them.


We lament that so often, the only lessons we learn from war – are how to disguise our own nation’s violence, how to fight wars by proxy, how to hide casualty lists and civilian deaths.  


We lament the power that defence industries can hold over governments.

We lament that war is so often declared long before it becomes a final option.

We lament that those who work to prevent war are rarely celebrated as heroes.


As we remember those who have given their lives in war, those who have lost their lives in war, and those whose lives have been forever damaged by war, we cry for peace – and ask that by your grace, you will make us agents of peace.