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Remembrance Sunday

Loving God,


Today we remember all those who have died in war.


We remember soldiers who have given their lives, suffered physical injury or witnessed unspeakable horror.


We remember all who have lost homes, and livelihoods and loved ones, because of war.


We remember helpless victims, whose memory is drowned in an ocean of statistics.


We remember,


We look to you,


We ask 'why'?


We ask where you were.


But we see your face


In the fear of the soldier and the despair of the victim


In the broken child and the bereaved parent


In the peace campaigner and the reluctant general.


Awaken us to fight the battles that avert war.


Inspire us to disarm our enemies of hatred,


Forgive us for investing in the tools of war,


Liberate us from the lust for security,


Open our eyes to the true depths of horror in our world, that we may see a deeper hope.


O God, who breaks the rifle, who shatters the missile, and burns the tanks in fire.


Be exalted among the nations


Be exalted in all the earth.