God of resurrection, we pray for those who see and feel only the effects of death.


For those in war-torn parts of the world, where bullets and bombs have wrought misery and despair.  We see the suffering – and resurrection seems only a dream.


For those in areas blighted by poverty, where economic policy and financial crises bring with them hunger and anger.  We see the lack of hope, and resurrection seems like a fairy tale.


For those crippled by broken relationships, where hatred and animosity inflict sorrow and anguish upon vulnerable people.  We feel the deepest pain, and resurrection seems like a pointless myth.


For your church, in all its brokenness, injustice and hypocrisy, we quietly wonder whether resurrection is an empty doctrine.


We look to you and wonder whether the cross has the final word – whether the world’s powers always have and always will crush the innocent, whether justice is empty myth, whether our hope has any real substance.


But we worship you – the fragile God, nailed to an execution stake, mocked by enemies and killed without mercy.  And yet, in your fragile, vulnerable state – we see the true power of God that opens tombs, opens hearts and awakens hope.  


Resurrection God, shake the ground beneath our feet, and make us agents of the new life that can penetrate every dark corner of our world and our lives.