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Revelation / Seeing Intercession



God of revelation, who remains unseen – in Jesus we see an image of the invisible God.


In this world, may we become an image that draws attention to you.


Help us to reflect your beauty, your holiness, your grace, your readiness to be involved.


When we keep suffering at arm’s length, help us to speak with those for whom no-one has time, to listen to those who might otherwise remain unheard.  God of time and space, who became human in time and space, show us how to become human in the fullest sense.  That our humanity might draw attention to your divinity.


When we prefer to pray for the poor, rather than become poor – show us the poverty of our worship.  Help us to share the plight of those with nothing, so that when we pray for our daily bread, we mean it.  God who was wealthy, but for our sake became poor – show us how to become poor so that we may discover true wealth.


When we prefer not to know, because of all that is threatened by true knowledge, when we retreat from facts that reveal our cowardice and threaten our comfort – release us from our precious ignorance.  God who knew Adam, and covenanted with Israel, grant us true knowledge of our world – in all its beauty and shame – that we might truly discover our God-given place within it.


God of hiddenness, God of revelation – fill us with your Spirit, that we might become an accidental if fleeting image, of the invisible God, to the glory of your name.