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Random reviews of lectures and books published

in various places

books christian-ethics-brief-history-michael-banner-hard $(KGrHqJ,!lgE1FzJt8)rBNg6LRWQT!~~0_12.JPG 144304_large 978-1-842-27600-6

The Shack

WM Paul Young

The Day is Yours

Ian Stackhouse

(Regents Reviews)

The Age of Consent

George Monbiot

(Bloomsbury News)

Christian Ethics: A Brief History

Michael Banner

(Regents Reviews)

Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear

Scott Bader-Saye

Singing the Ethos of God

Brian Brock

(Baptist Times)


Heat: How to Stop Burning the Planet

George Monbiot

(Baptist Times)

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Whitley Lecture, 2008

How Can We Sing the Lord's Song?

Craig Gardiner

Whitley Lecture, 2009

A Thousand Crucifixions

Sally Nelson


The Book of Revelation

Simon Woodman



Of Grammatology

Jacques Derrida

(Trinity College Paper)




Kierkegaard and Theology

Murray Rae

(Regent's Reviews 2.2)


Why Have You Forsaken Me?

John E. Colwell

(Regent's Reviews 2.2)


An Intelligent Person's Guide to Atheism

Daniel Harbour

Image.ashx McGrath - God away

Why God Won't God Away

Alister McGrath

(Bapstist Times)

Humanism: A Very Short Introduction

Stephen Law

(Baptist Times)

Respecting Life: Theology and Bioethics

Neil Messer

(Regents Reviews 3.1)

Respecting-Life-Messer-Neil-9780334043331 cts2

Christ the Stranger: The Theology of Rowan Williams,

Ben Myers

(Regents Reviews, Oct 2012)

The Unknown God: Responses to the New Atheists, Ed. John Hughes

(Regents Reviews, Apr 2014)


Christianity and the University Experience

Matthew Guest, Kristen Aune, Sonya Sharma, Rob Warner.

(Regents Reviews, Apr 2014)

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