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The Unwittingly Successful Artist



You have succeeded, in the end

As brother, uncle, son and friend,

You have no children of your own,

But as a father you are known:

You’ve felt what parents must abide,

The privilege of pain and pride.

You will receive your children’s due:

The credit they will bring to you.

You watched and loved them as they grew,

To love you better than you knew.



Long before you went to school,

You learned to play the cheeky fool,

You gave us laughter, just for free

It sprang from you so effortlessly,

When in trouble, or faced with harm

You used your humour to disarm.

And passing through the depths of hell,

You still could find a joke to tell.

Helplessly we laugh with you

And love you better than you knew.



Your eyes saw a beauty, others could not,

Held softly in your camera shot.

Moments, now forever gone

Through your art are living on.

On film, you caught the vibrancy

Of those who shared your lunacy:

Amidst the laughter of your friends,

You remained behind the lens.

And though you often hid from view,

They love you better than you knew.



Your pen and brush make your voice heard,

Your canvas sings without a word.

And yet your greatest work of art,

Is etched upon the beating heart:

Images of selfless care,

Colours that are found nowhere,

That will not fade with passing years,

Nor run beneath our ceaseless tears,

Since they are treasured by all those who,

Love you better than you knew.