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Richard Perry Funeral




Tribute 1: Stuart Mennell


‘Pez You Are Unique’



Pez, you are unique…

Son, brother, friend and best pal

Writing this poem, is oh so bitter sweet.


Pez, you are unique...

Martial arts was once your thing,

We once took on some yobs and with a kick to the goolies you used your Kung Fu technique.


Pez you are unique…

The best at golfing greats and pool

Often caught practicing solo, sneakily in midweek.


Pez you are unique...

From house to disco, to new wave and rave,

You strutted your stuff ‘La Freak, The Chic’.


Pez you are unique…

And laughter was one gift that you gave,

You always had us in tears, and as Vic Reeves would say, ‘What a cheek’.


Pez you are unique…

The last words we always shared were ‘love you pal’,

These words never said tongue in cheek, words I wish we could still speak.


Pez you are unique…

Your love for your Mom, your Dad, Kate and Simon and Libby, Theresa and Alix,

Truly you are magnifique and you leave with us all your mystique.


Love you pal.



Tribute 2.  By Richard Chandler


Morning to you all, my friends and loved ones.

I really didn’t know where to start when I came to writing this.


I think the best place to start is by thanking Joan, Bill, Kate, Libby and Simon for giving me the honor of helping with the service this morning and for allowing me to say a few words.


I also want to thank Richard and the family for helping me so much personally over the years and especially when I was still a young boy, in a very difficult and dark place.


Richard one of the best friends you could ever have had, new about my situation back then, as we were so close we could talk about anything and everything. He then unbeknown to me spoke to Joan and Bill, and they gave me a home and made me family, as did Rich, Simon, Kate and Libby. And I have to thank Rich, all of the family and God for the help and the kindness and love that they all showed me at that time, I just don’t know what I would have done without them. Thank you.


I still can’t get my head around the fact that Rich has gone, he will be missed by many. I know though in my heart, that he has gone to a good place and that God will look after Rich and that one day I will see him again.


Richard was like a brother to me, as I to him, we loved each other deeply. I was reminded of this when I saw him earlier this year. We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years. It was like we had never been apart, we laughed, played around like young lads again, we even cried together and then before we went our separate ways, gave each other a hug that only best friends and brothers can.


That was the last time I saw Rich and I am so grateful and thank God that I had those special couple of hours with Rich. I am going to miss him so so much and will never forget the love, the laughs, the kindness.


Thank you all for listening.



Tribute 3. By Jamie Sumner


It the last few weeks I really feel like part of my sole has disappeared now Richard has left us


I met this cool, witty kid on the first day of middle school and instantly made a special bond with him that lastest so many years


Richard’s musical taste and humour we right up my street to say the least, I feel it’s these two things I will remember Richard by the most


With his quirky abstract phrases and one liners, no one could make people belly laugh quite like Pez


He has a passion for Eddie Izzard and Vic and Bob and liked nothing more than repeating his favourite moments, when I watch these clips back they just are ‘ Pez’.


Richard undoubtedly had great varied taste in music that become an integral part of his and his friends’ lives, I’m sure he would like to be remembered for the music that he loved so much


I’ve created a soundtrack of the music of Richards life, which I will be playing, enjoying and remembering him by.





Tribute 4: Mark Bagley


I knew Richard for more than 40 years. He was my best friend for over 25 of them.


I have many great memories with Rich starting from the time we worked together at Ginos Pizza and On The Slate. We were regularly cautioned for our rally driving of two huge yellow telephones through the streets of Burntwood, trying to see who could deliver the most Pizza's (most of which went on hoax calls to our friends, Stocky)! Or, to the first lads’ holiday we had abroad, when I had to hold Rich's hand because he had never flown before and how he came screaming through a group of friends as we all stood deciding how far it was from the cliff edge to the sea. It was Rich who was the first one to jump off "THE ROCK".


Although we sometimes had long periods apart, he was always there when I needed him to be.  He helped me through many difficult times in my life especially early on when I first came back from Holland when he got me a job, without his support and friendship then I doubt I would be here now.


Rich spent many months living with myself, Catherine and Molly and we remember he always bought humour, extra love and a clean kitchen to the house.  He was always welcome in our home.


We had a friendship and a love that seamed unconditional and I will always be a better man for it. I will miss him and he will forever leave a hole in my life.



My friend, My brother



Tribute 5: Willem Perry


Richard had such an influence on my life and the person I am, I definitely wouldn't be the person I am today without him... including my stupid humour. Knowing that he was a level of proud of me for the things I've done and continue to do that brought him to tears will mean more than anything anyone else can ever say- I'll continue to do things Richard would've hated sometimes but I'll spend the rest of my life trying to do things I know he would've loved.


Richard and I spent a lot of time together when we were both struggling many years ago and he lived with us (when I was probably 11 or 12). Even though I was only a child we used to be capable of the most adult conversations. The most important thing was that he didn't treat me as a child but as a friend. He often used to forget that I was as young as I am when we spoke about some things.


He still never felt like he did enough for me and my siblings even when he had his own problems to contend with. We never even directly spoke about these problems we both had, but we could both tell being around each other helped. We would simply go for a walk without knowing where we wanted to go, whack a golf ball around a park without an end hole or go fishing without ever catching a fish (with one final exception). Without being too clichéd, we never knew the destination but always enjoyed the journey.


Overall, Richard indirectly taught me from a young age that a person does not *always* have to be there for them to have an immense impact on you and your life. I think that's what I for sure will take away from today as we remember him.





‘There was never a day with Richard that he didn’t make me laugh.’



‘On Storey’s way in Cambridge, Richard always used to drive us through very narrow, high-sided road barriers, at full speed, and never ever hit them once.  He also used to say ‘Magpie Salute’ every single time we saw a magpie so we would all salute it together.’  

(Alice May)


‘After school there’d always be the excitement because there would be a ten-minute drive home in the company of Richard which undoubtedly created some of the funniest memories of my childhood.’  

(Lewis Edward)


‘When driving us home from school, Richard used to beep and wave at complete strangers.  They would smile, and we (the children) would laugh.  He made everyone happy.‘

(Stefan Thomas)


‘Went golfing today with Richard Perry. When he told me to “catch this” (I didn’t realise he was joking). Then he “spooned” the ball and caught me on the ankle instead!! Got a sprained ankle now!’

(Willem James, in 2011)


‘Wishing you eternal peace, rest easy.  With love from your Australian family.’


(Karen, Jane and Sally)