Risen and Ascended


We worship you as the Lord, risen and Ascended.

As we pray for our broken world, we want to ask you when you will fix everything, when your kingdom will come, when justice will be restored, and you tell us to wait; to wait upon you, to attend to you.


But people are hungry now, thirsty now, people lose their lives in our world now, and you tell us to wait.  But for how long? Lord Jesus, risen and ascended, show us where you are now, to join you in what you are doing now.  Open our eyes again, to attend to you now, and join you in what you are already doing.


But people suffer from war now.  And we’re pretty sure, we know what needs to be done, what justice must look like, and still you tell us to wait; to attend to you, to see what you are doing – to catch Your Spirit.  Help us to know what you are doing, and to join you.


And people are suffering environmental breakdown now.  Peoples lives and livelihoods are being wrecked now.  Western greed for biofuel drives poor families from their lands now – and we want you to act, and act now.  And you tell us to wait.  To wait upon you, and to see who you are and what you are doing, and the miracles you are working.  Help us not to fix the world, but to wait on you and so see the world transformed.


Lord, we long for justice, for you to act.  By your Spirit, show us what you are doing already, ahead of us, despite us, for us.  Forgive our arrogance and help us to listen.


Fill us with your Spirit, Risen and Ascended one, restore your kingdom in our lives, that we might know you more, trust you more, serve you more fully.  Fill us with your Spirit that we might wait for you, and in so doing, see you at work, and find ourselves drawn in, to the glory of your name, Risen and Ascended Lord.  Amen.