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Socrates Intercession

Luke 10:27


Loving God, we thank you for loving us with every ounce of your being, and pray that we might learn to love you with every ounce of ours.


We thank you for our minds, for the ability to think, to research, to explore, to discover.  We thank you for the way that so many of our academic institutions exist because of the desire to love you with our minds.  We thank you for these institutions, for the colleges of this and other universities, and pray that they might continue to serve our world as places of education, learning, research and religion.


We pray that where minds have narrowed or closed, through over exposure to digital echo chambers, social media and fake news – you would lead us into all truth.


We pray that where minds have been damaged by austerity or poverty, by living for the next meal, by struggling to put the meal on the table, or by giving in to the laziness born of despair, we pray for justice as a basis for truth.


We pray that where minds have been submerged beneath sorrow, grief, or anxiety – where there appears to be no such thing as tomorrow, and where yesterday engulfs all – we pray for liberation and healing, that minds may be exposed to living truth.


We pray that where minds have been narrowed by certainty, where opinions have been blinkered by privilege or pride, that you reveal yourself as the God who speaks.


Speak through us we pray – teach us how to listen that we might one day have something to say.  And teach us how to think with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength, all our life – and by your grace may we grow in loving your with every ounce of our being.