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A Soldier’s Prayer



We remember those we have sent to fight our wars,


We think of those who have not returned,

And we pray for those who have.


For those who suffer the aftermath of war:


For those who have died in Road Traffic Accidents, because they had learned they were invulnerable.  


For those who have taken their own lives, because they had learned they were not.


For those who fear the rage than can overtake them at any moment, and who long for the peace that never can.


For those alienated from others, because they are alienated from themselves.


For those haunted by wounded memories that echo through long years,


And tormented by vivid images of ancient trauma.



May we help them to conquer their past, to remain present with them when inconsolable, to offer hope for a future that is not a fantasy.


May we become part of the narrative in which God-given time is restored to them.