God of the Seasons


Lord God of all creation – we thank you for the change in seasons.


For the life that floods into the world around us, for the warmth in a sun that has long seemed heatless, for the colours that fill our surroundings with the colour of spring, we thank you.


And Lord we pray that our lives may ever flood into the daily wonders of this world, bringing hope and warmth and new life.  By your grace, so fill us again with your Holy Spirit, that as sure as day follows night, so too will the presence of your people bring love into our world.


Not sloppy and sentimental love, but practical, political, life-changing, world-making love.  Make it true for our world, that as constant and welcome as the seasons that breathe life through this world of your creation – so too, may your church be a source of light and grace and freedom.


God who breathes life into Adam, and new life into the tomb – breathe your life into our church, and into our world – to the glory of your name.