Lord, we thank you for the stories that shape us, and serve as lenses for seeing and understanding the world.


We thank you for the stories in which you invite us to live.  And we thank you for drawing our story and your story together.


We look at the story of our world as it is today, with scripts of economic disaster, or violence and of greed.


We pray for those whose faith or nationality or skin colour mean that their stories are not even heard.


We pray for those across the Middle East whose story of injustice has turned into a script of violence and fear.


We pray for those whose futures are shaken by the economic crisis; through job loss, through benefit cuts, through loss of legal aid.  All whose stories are slowly turning into dark tales.


Lord, by your grace, draw our stories into yours.  Help your people to live the story of Jesus.  Re-write our script, re-shape our lives, make us a living, breathing story that tells the truth of who you are, to the glory of your name.