Syria Prayer

(See Psalm 46)


Lord God, who breaks the bow and shatters the spear, who burns the chariots in fire – we pray for the people of Syria:


For the defenceless civilians subjected to violence and terror;

For the people who drop bombs, squeeze triggers and wield blades;

For the members of a government that oversee war crimes and crimes against humanity;

For international governments, who look on in horror but don’t know how to react.


And so we look again to you, Lord God, who breaks the bow and shatters the spear, who burns the chariots in fire.  But in Syria today, the weapons are not broken but replenished; atrocities continue to unfold; and we worship you as a God of love and as the Lord of hosts.  


As we look on helpless, we see governments do the same.  

We long for some kind of intervention, but fear it will only make things worse.


So we pray that, somehow, peace might be enforced so that we see an end to the torture of the elderly, the murder of children, the slaughter of innocent bystanders.


Awaken conscience and courage and urgency, amongst any with the power to change what is happening.  From the militias to the government forces, from the government of Syria to the United Nations, from those who want to enjoy watching the football uninterrupted by international affairs, to the Human Rights observers who risk their lives to bring justice.  Awaken conscience and courage and urgency.


In a situation that shows up how evil a place this world can be, and how indifferent we can be – we believe that you are not indifferent; we believe you care about those who suffer; we believe you have the power to act, and so we pray that you will.  


Through governments, through individuals, through hearts, through minds, through mighty acts, through invisible action, through us.  Lord God, break the bow, shatter the spear, rain peace down upon a land soaked with blood.