The Unexpected God

Lord, we would love to create you in our own image; to share our values and views, to be moved by what moves us, angered by what angers us, to love what we love.


But when you come to us in Christ, you are not what we expect.  We cry for liberation – Hosannah – and we pray that you liberate the world in your way.


But we see injustice and violence.  In the people of Libya, of Bahrain, in Ivory Coast, in other places – and as we stand with these people, we cry for liberation and we long for you to act.


We see people in Japan, trapped in uncertainty, in grief, in fear.  And we stand with these people and cry for liberation.


We see people who we know, imprisoned by bitterness and grief, harbouring resentment and hatred towards others, feeling that a Big Society is failing them.  And we stand with these people and cry for justice.


Lord, come to liberate us.


When we are trapped in prisons that we have made; and prisons which we have grown into; or prison which have grown slowly around us,


Come to us, we pray, and bring liberation, the freedom you have prepared for us.

And open our eyes and ears and hearts so that when you come, we recognise you – even when your coming is not what we were expecting.


Make us sensitive to the freedom you bring,

Make us agents of your liberation in the world today,

Make us a people who stand as and alongside those who long to be free, and teach us how to sing Hosannah.