Transfiguration Sunday

Into the midst of suffering, piercing the shadows, entering our darkness we celebrate the glorious presence of Jesus.


Standing before us with Moses and Elijah, with the laws and the prophets, and your spoken Word, we celebrate the presence of Jesus today.


And we celebrate because in Jesus we see that no avenue of suffering, injustice or loneliness is unknown to him or beyond his reach.  And so we pray with confidence in Jesus, for those in our world who must go without food and drink, without family and friendship, without home and without peace.


We pray that in Jesus we may see reconciliation.  


In powerful nations whose excessive luxury is distanced from the crippling reality of nations stricken by poverty.  May they be reconciled.


Where people have fallen out, refuse to talk because of bitterness, hatred, laziness or fear – perform the mighty act of reconciliation that brings wholeness of life.  May they be reconciled.


Where violence brings death and suffering and homelessness to those with no protection, bring justice for all, and peace for those who must live in fear.  May they be reconciled.


Where people have rejected you because of luxury or ignorance, injustice or inconvenience, reconcile the world to yourself, and make us agents your reconciling love.


Loving God, whose glory we see in the unlikeliest of place, bring reconciliation to our world today.  Reconcile us with you and with one another.  By your loving grace may the world see the Son of God and listen to him.