Trinity Sunday


Father God, to whom we pray

As children dearly loved by you, help us to share your love with others. Pour your love through our words and actions that they may bring wholeness

to those we love;

to those we find it hard to love;

and to those we deeply dislike.


Lord Jesus, through whom we pray

As your body here on earth, help us to continue your ministry. Help us to see the world as you see it,

So that we are angered by that which angers you,

So that we are happy about that which pleases you.

And so that we might be agents of peace in your Kingdom


Holy Spirit, in whom we pray

As a living temple, fill us to overflowing. Anoint us, so that our words and deeds might prove to be,

Good news to the poor

Freedom to those who are unfairly treated

And vision for those without hope


Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as you dwell in loving communion, make your church on earth a loving community, the living embodiment of the divine love that is active in this world.