Truth Intercessions


God of all truth, God of relationship, God who created us to live in communion with one another and with you:


We pray for our world where truthfulness among individuals, among nations and among competing interests is all-too-often far from what it could be.


Where the media reports only what will sell, only what will not rock the boat, only what pleases owners or advances third party agendas: may your people be discerning, and courageous enough to speak truth to power.


Where social media reports only what will win ‘likes’, only what will attract the most digital traffic, only what plays to the lowest of human instinct: may your people be discerning, may they be driven by truth, but open to hear uncomfortable truths.


Where we think that our truth is communicated only in words – and when our actions might speak the opposite of our grand and proud claims: help us to be faithful, accountable to others, and open to hear what we may not want to hear.


Where we think that truth is abstract and distant from who we really are: show us what it means to cultivate ‘truth in the inner parts’, truthfulness in our relationships, honesty in the way we relate.


God of truth, who disturbs and comforts: by your Spirit – guide us into all truth, and may your truth set us free to be the people you have called us to be.