Walking with God

Lord we praise you for the grand epic of our lives, which are laid open before you. We thank you for your gift of life, the guidance you offer and the presence you bring. Lord God of heaven and earth, we thank you that we encounter you in the ordinary, every day aspects of our lives. And in our every day lives, help us to make room for you.


Lord when we find ourselves in the wilderness, in the dark places, on the road of suffering, help us to make room for you. When we find ourselves in a state of satisfaction and joy, help us to make room for you.


Lord in our church, with all its ministries, and characters, and relationships, and conversations, in our chatting over coffee, in our worship, in our pastoral care, keep us alert to you, help us to make room for you.


Lord in our wider ministries, as we seek justice for those crushed by unfair economic structures, as we highlight the human cost of our greed, as we seek to bring freedom for prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, keep us alert to you – help us to make room for you.


And Lord, we pray for those close to us, who need your grace to face particular hardships and challenges. We name them silently … by your grace, break into their experience.


God of grace, who loves each of us beyond imagining, God who loves all the nameless and faceless people, help us to make room for you:

In the profound and the simple

In the depths and in the trivial

In the epic and in the ordinary

Keep us alert to you in the daily grind,

And help us always and everywhere to make room for you.

Show us the sheer beauty of every moment,

The sheer grace of every breath,

The sheer wonder of the everyday, ordinary lives you have given us,


And by your enabling power, help us

Always and everywhere, here and now, in the grand and in the ordinary,

To make room for your life-giving, life-changing and glorious presence.