World Humanitarian Day

God who loved the world enough to send your Son,


today, we pray


For those who risk their lives to help others in times of disaster.


For observers of conflict, who risk their lives to monitor and record injustices in regions of conflict.


For aid workers who have sacrificed their long term comfort to give themselves to helping others in regions of economic and social hardship.


For those working for voluntary organizations because they want to change the way the world works.


In the midst of the suffering in our world, we celebrate those who find joy in helping others.


In your presence, we thank you for those who give themselves to others, for the glimpses they give us of your character, and the inspiration they give for growing in Christ-likeness.  


You call us to take up our cross and follow you - show us what it means to live a life marked by both sacrifice and joy.  

Fill us again with your Holy Spirit, sharpen our vision of you, strengthen our commitment to you, deepen our love for you.